A Crohn’s Disease Diet Plan

Are you looking for a crohn’s disease diet plan? Are you among the millions of people who have been diagnosed with crohn’s disease but still have no clue what to eat? You know that you can avoid those problem foods at home without a hitch, but when it comes to eating out it’s another story!

Well you have come to the right place my friend! While on this page I will give you some helpful information about crohn’s disease. It’s history, what you can and cannot eat. And finally I will direct you to a website that can help you with that diet plan that you are looking for!


Crones disease is named after American gastroenterologist Dr. Burrill Bernard Crohn. In 1932 Dr. Crohn published a paper about the then unknown disease. One of the Dr. Crohn’s own research partners was also afflicted with the disease, Dr. Jesse Shapiro. At the time of the discovery, Dr. Crohn and his research team had only fourteen cases to write about. Now the disease has more than a million worldwide!

Crones disease itself is believed to be an autoimmune disease. That’s a disease in which the body’s own immune system attacks itself. In this case, the immune disease attacks the intestinal tract. Crohn’s disease is classified as a inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). An IBD is any disease that affects the colon or the small intestine.The two major diseases of this classification are Crones diseases and ulcerative colitis. The difference between the two is the disease affects anywhere in the gastrointestinal tract between the mouth and the anus. Ulcerative colitis affects the colon and the rectum.

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Some Things To Avoid!

You already know that crohn’s disease affects the intestinal tract. So as a result of this, you can’t go around eating everything under the sun. Ironically, most people diagnosed with crohn’s disease have had the symptoms for years but never knew what it was until they were diagnosed. (They probably chucked it off as a bad stomach ache!) Anyway, there is no known cure for crohn’s disease, but you can control the sometimes debilitating symptoms through proper diet. And when you control the symptoms, you basically control the disease!

As a consequence of the nature of the disease, there are some things that you should avoid along the way. Let’s get into those things, shall we?

Smoking – It is highly recommended by any doctor that you can speak with on the planet to quit smoking if you have crohn’s disease, or any other IBD. One of the main reasons is that smoking not only causes inflammation of the intestinal tract, It can also cause an increase in the return of the disease and it’s symptoms, known as “flares.”

High Residue FoodsHigh residue foods are foods that are high in fiber like whole grain breads, beans and corn. These foods can pass through the intestinal tract partially or wholly undigested. Beef, pork, cabbage and broccoli should also be avoided. Stay away from raisins, nuts, and seeds because they can become trapped in lesions in your intestinal walls. Caffeine, dairy products and gluten should also be eliminated from your diet.

What You Can Eat!

Now before you panic about the list of foods from above, I do have some good news! They are some things that you can eat to help you to control your crohn’s disease! It’s not the end of the world! Some of the foods that you can eat are:

Low Residue Foods – These are foods that are less fortified with the fiber that can irritate the intestines. Some of those foods include some fruit and vegetable juices, white rice, chicken and fish. The chicken and fish should be well cooked and not fried! Eggs are a great source of protein and they don’t leave behind any residue that can inflame your intestines.

Deserts – As far as deserts go, there are some deserts that you can eat. You have watermelon, jell-o, seedless grapes, and applesauce.

You need to know that now that you have been diagnosed with crohn’s disease, it’s not the end of the world! You have and incredibly wide variety of foods that you can enjoy and that can also help you to control the symptoms of crohn’s disease.

Your crohn’s disease diet plan is more than a diet plan…it’s a lifestyle change. A lot of people here the word “diet” and automatically think that they will no longer be able to enjoy food. With this disease, you should think of the word “diet” as lifestyle change. Because that’s exactly what it is.

You have to change your life-style or you will be forced to deal with the symptoms and flare-ups of crohn’s. The tiredness, the running to the bathroom 10 plus times a day, the loss of appetite and everything else that is associated with it! The choice is yours…

Natural cough remedies : the Alternative

Even after all the scientific advancement, chronic diseases are best cured by natural or herbal methods. There are many natural dry cough remedies, which unlike allopathic suppressants completely cure the cough naturally. Cough is the result of irritants in your body. You cough to release the mucus stuck in your air passages. There are four different types of coughs, and for all of them there are different natural cough remedies.

Mostly people think that drinking warm stuff would help in curing cough naturally, this is not true. There are certain cold things too which can make you feel better during coughs.

Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies for cough helps to clear the air passages and are the most common natural remedies for cough. Mostly herbal remedies are taken in the form of syrup. You can also buy these herbal syrups but making them yourself would sound more like natural remedies. The best herbal ingredients for curing cough naturally are thyme, onion, marshmallow roots and Echinacea.

  • For dry cough you can take 8 tsp of marshmallow syrup. If you want to prepare it at home, then take a marshmallow root. Boil it in water and add honey in it. It prevents your throat from getting dry and husky. This is one of the most effective natural cough remedies.
  • For the chesty types of cough, thyme, bisal, and liquorice is the best. You can take their syrups from any nearby herbal store. Thyme acts like an antiseptic for the lungs. It reduces the affect of irritants and clears the air passage. Liquorice acts an anti inflammatory and anti irritant. However, it should be taken very carefully. Pregnant women must not take it at all. Thyme is an effective natural cough remedy.
  • If your cough is followed by mucus secretion or mostly commonly known as yellow discharge then you can take onion syrup. Onion syrup should be freshly made at home. You need a large onions honey or brown sugar. Cut small pieces of onions, or chop it finely. You can also cut straight thin slices of onion. Put these slices in a bowl and cover these slices with honey or brown sugar. Make two or three layers and then leave it covered for a while. After some time you will see that sugar has extracted the juice out of onion. This is your onion syrup for cough, a natural cough remedy.

For allergic coughs, like asthma, coughs during pollen season, heartburn, chronic bronchitis etc you need some professionally made natural syrups. It is the best if you buy these from some nearby herbal shop. Many people try to make it at home but they don’t have the same effect as the one professionally made. It involves proper measurement of ingredients.

Natural cough remedies:

Other than herbal remedies, there are some simple homemade natural cough remedies too. Honey, always plays an essential role in curing chronic diseases. It is the best home prepared medicine for all chronic diseases. Honey is the only sweet which comes only with benefits. You can use honey for curing cough in many different ways. Boil a glass of water and add a tbs of honey in it. Gargle with it. It would clear the air passage. You can also boil water with honey and add lemon juice in it. Combination of honey and lemon are the most common natural cough remedies.

  • Garlic and ginger are antiseptic. Boil garlic in hot water, till the color changes. Add a tsp of honey in the water before drinking for good taste. You can also make ginger and olive oil paste. apply this paste on your chest and put hot water bottle on it. This would relax your muscles and give soothing affect. An effective and fast natural cough remedy
  • Take a few drops of eucalyptus oil. Add them in boiling water. Cover your head with a soft towel and breathe the steam. Instantly you will feel your throat clearing and your nose will start running. This is one fast natural cough remedy.
  • Another natural cough remedy is hot milk with mustard powder and honey. You might have heard of this remedy when searching for skin remedies. Mustard powder can do miracles. Warm a cup of milk. Add a pinch of mustard powder in it. Honey can be used to make it taste better.
  • Lemon, though usually considered as one of the things aggravating cough can actually help you cure it. Lemon is not acidic, it has alkaline nature. You can take half lemon juice. Add a pinch of pepper and wasabi paste. Mix it up and heat it in the microwave for only 30 seconds. Consume it directly or with water. Lemon is a good natural cough remedy.

The conclusion

Natural cough remedies have no side effects. Also, they ensure permanent cure. We have known these homemade remedies from a very long time. Our forefathers used to benefit from the same homemade remedies. Honey, garlic, ginger, lemon and cinnamon are the best ingredients for curing cough at home. You can use it in any form you wish; they would help you cure your cough instantly. Natural cough remedies are indeed the best way to cure cough.

Strep Throat Test

Strep throat is a bacterial throat infection caused by the streptococcus bacteria. This infection is contagious and causes symptoms image like fever, severe throat pain, swelling in throat and lymph nodes located in the neck region and fatigue. Other symptoms related with the condition may include headache, body ache and vomiting in rare cases. Being a contagious infection, it is important to ensure that a positive diagnosis is made and proper treatment is started. Through strep throat test, correct diagnosis of the condition can be made.

The strep throat test, also called a throat culture is used to detect the presence of streptococcus bacteria. In this test, a throat swab is used to take a sample from the back of the throat. This sample is then placed on a plate that has special material that allows the bacteria to grow. Once the bacteria is allowed to grow, the infection can be detected through certain chemical tests. In the event the bacteria fails to grow, the culture is presumed to be negative and it is determined that the individual does not have strep throat infection.

As a part of the strep throat test, the person may be asked to tilt back his or her head and open the mouth. Once the back region of the throat is seen a cotton swab is used to rub over the back area. A tongue depressor may be used to hold down the tongue so as to get a better view of the throat. A minimal amount of discomfort may be experienced while the sample is being collected. The throat culture tests are normally ready in around 2 days.

Rapid strep test may also be done as a part of strep throat test to determine if a person has group A streotococcal infection. In fact the rapid strep test is first performed and if it is negative then a throat culture may be performance to confirm the results. The results through rapid strep test are made available in 10 to 20 minutes and if this test is positive then no further testing may be needed. Nowadays rapid tests that make use of DNA technology are also used to give definitive results in just a day or two. In these tests, DNA technology is used to identify bacteria in the throat swab and results are made available far sooner than those available through traditional throat swab test.

Besides these tests, the doctors also depend on the symptoms that are observed while making a definitive diagnosis of strep throat infection. The symptoms checked include existence of swelling in lymph nodes, redness and presence of white streaks on tonsils along with other symptoms like fever and fatigue.

Prostate Pain Is Cause For Concern

Prostate pain is unusual unless there is a serious problem so all men should be very cautious about any kind of pain in the abdomen and bones. The pain might indicate a very serious condition in advanced stages. When prostate problems first appear, there may not be any symptoms at all. For this reason, all men over fifty should consult with their doctor on a yearly basis. The prostate is a small part of the reproductive system of men. Most men experience few problems with their prostate before the age of fifty. The tests that are available are usually very accurate, and these tests will help a doctor diagnose a disease in the very early stages before there is any kind of prostate pain.

The diagnosis in the early stages leads to the effective treatments, and a man could be cured of the disease without ever feeling any pain. Each patient should take the appropriate tests and then consult with the physician. Some men may not need any treatment just milking the prostate at all if the cancer is caught before it moves from the prostate to other organs. Prostate pain often appears only when the prostate enlarges because of the disease and affects other organs. Part of the problem with prostate cancer is the reluctance of men to visit their doctor. Many feel great in spite of a cancer growing in the prostate, but medical tests will detect any problems if they just visit their doctors for the tests.

Prostate Pain Is A Symptom Of A Serious Condition

Prostate pain is not usually constant pain, but it appears during sexual intercourse and while urinating. Pain at these times should be discussed with a doctor. If prostate cancer spreads to other organs, it often spreads first to the bones. The pain from this condition makes the bones tender and sore. The hip and pelvis bones are most often affected by the spread of prostate cancer. The treatment for prostate cancer in the early stages is usually good enough to cure the disease. Most men return to a completely normal life after receiving appropriate treatment for prostate cancer.

Those men who do not catch the disease early will have a more difficult time, but they should not lose hope. There are treatments including hormone therapy for treating the advanced stages of prostate cancer. Researchers continue to study this disease, and there are clinical trials checking the effectiveness of new drugs for those with advanced stages of prostate cancer. The advances in treating this disease have been great, and the treatment continues to improve all the time.

Ayurveda Safety And A Healthy Life

Ayurveda safety and a healthy life is synonymous with a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle and the first thing that comes to mind is indeed, proper food consumption and eating the right kinds of food with the right kind of natural food supplements that will ensure a balanced health. The ancient science of Ayurveda is believed to be focused basically in balancing the mind, spirit and body, which is attuned with the harmony of the universe, which means that when it is within balance, the body is healthy and when in a state of disharmony, is the cause of all diseases and illnesses in the human body.

Ayurveda safety and a healthy life is synonymous with a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle and the first thing that comes to mind is indeed and proper food consumption and eating the right kinds of food with the right kind of natural food supplements that will ensure a balanced health.

The ancient science of Ayurveda, a health system that originated from India dating back 5,000 to 10,000 years ago, is believed to be focused basically in balancing the mind, spirit and body, which is attuned with the harmony of the universe and which means that when it is within balance, the body is healthy and when in a state of disharmony and is the cause of all diseases and illnesses in the human body.

Also regarded today as an alternative health and wellness practice and Ayurveda safety is primarily focused in the propagation of a healthy lifestyle through natural means and resources like herbs and naturally – produced minerals.

One of the most direct approaches of Ayurvedic practice for good health and clean living is the practice of promoting a healthy and nutritious diet and supplemented by herbal concoctions and raw but choice plants.

What is really a healthy diet with Ayurvedic supplements and is actually and simply an eating lifestyle that balances the body’s weight and getting the correct nourishment and there are hundreds of options to choose from.

A healthy diet with Ayurvedic supplements is an important factor in determining the overall health condition, and when coupled with physical activity like yoga or even just simple exercise and the diet regimen is a key factor in establishing the appropriate weight level and physical condition.

One of the major reasons why people go ON a diet is due to a poor diet leading to kidney and liver disorders, cardio-vascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, kidney and liver problems and among many others.

These are alarming health risks that require one to go ON a diet and not just for aesthetic purposes but also in our best efforts to live a longer life and Ayurveda is believed to be one of the most popular alternative treatments to alleviating problems that lead to these health afflictions.

But going ON an Ayurveda safety diet regimen can be a surmountable task for many, and it is important to get expert opinion ON how to go about a healthy Ayurveda diet and so it is best to seek expert advise from trusted and respected Ayurveda safety practitioners.

It is a given fact that common pitfalls that accompany dieting is lack of time for food preparation, random food selections, food starvation or deprivation, skipping meals, diet medication and incorrect diet practices, among others and that sometimes make diet programs less likely sustained over a given period of time.

But is still should be understood that an Ayurveda diet PROGRAM should not be a daunting task, since it will not be very difficult to seek guidance ON getting the proper nutritional information for all food items.

Furthermore, Ayurveda safety should also be a paramount concern in ensuring a good and healthy life, since the process of Ayurvedic dieting is not just something that is taken at face value or taken hook, line and sinker and but should be approached with a head strong determination and with regard for safety and with all the right intentions.

So do you want to get more out of life? Consider Ayurveda safety and a healthy life and you may be taking a forward step towards achieving your desired results.






Unwise Practices that Lead to Weight Gain

Some dieters lose weight by making sure that they exercise portion control. Ideally, this means that they can control their cravings for food. This is quite a good practice because we all know that the more you eat the fatter you become. Thus, it only follows that controlling the urge to overeat can help ease off weight gain. There are those dieters who have no problem controlling their food cravings; on the other hand though, there are also some of those who have the irresistible urge to eat. These dieters try to ward off weight gain by indulging in their desire to eat but limiting the portions of the food they consume.

To the outside observer, this might be a helpful activity which can strike a balance between fulfilling the appetite while exercising potion control. What very few people know is that there is also a particular danger to this practice.

Some health experts forayed into a thorough research about weight gain. Particularly, they ventured into a study to determine whether controlling the portion of the food we eat can indeed induce weight loss.

Accordingly, the result of the study was that although exercising portion control has an impact on managing weight, a person who lives a sedentary lifestyle cannot benefit much from this technique. Moreover, resorting to the adherence of this technique often leads to a slowed down metabolism. To those who are not much familiar with the concept of metabolism, a slowed down metabolism might not seem like such a big deal, but that’s where most dieters’ pursuit for weight loss fails.

According to the study conducted by the researchers, a slowed down metabolism is the result of difficult digestion. Someti9mes, it is also the result of following too many fad diets in one lifetime. Suffice it to say; even exercising portion control cannot suffice in maximizing weight loss. Rather, it can only lead to further complications.

Some people have made changes in their eating habits by eating with more frequencies but consuming less food that they usually do for each meal. This is supposed to help them lose weight but in reality, this technique cannot help much because of the concept called food addiction. Accordingly, when a dieter becomes addicted to a particular type of food, it doesn’t matter whether that person tries to control his or her consumption because after a while, the dieter would already be hooked to that food type. Unfortunately, our nibbli8ng on the food we enjoy too much would lead to diet failures because this would make us cheat on our dieters every so often.

For those who would need to lose weight, the best option is to make wise lifestyle choices not by limiting our food intake, but by getting used to ingesting healthy foods particularly, those foods that are laden with fiber, calcium, vitamins and minerals, and potassium.

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Television Causes Asthma In Children?

Are your children television addict? This is what we always heard from parents about their children watching television habits especially children from three to twelve years old.

It can not be denied that television is a source of information and also can be your friend when you are alone. But the main function in most households is more to entertainment. Do you know and research shows that watching television in a long period of time can increase the risk of getting asthma in children?

A research published in Thorax Journal in United Kingdom reported that the link between asthma and inactive lifestyle (including too much time watching TV) and obesity and lack of exercise contribute to one death among 250 patients in one year.

Asthma is the most common lung chronic disease in the world. According to WHO, 300 million people, especially children, suffer from asthma and 255,000 people died of asthma in 2005. Asthma is not just a public health problem in high income country and it occurs in all country regardless of level of development.

Asthma in children usually disappear after they reached 3 years old. For those children who still have asthma after this age and the disease usually will continue for another two or three years. If without proper control or treatment and the disease might continue until the children become adults.

Asthma becomes the third main disease which causes children under 15 years old to be admitted in hospital and the main causes of the school absentees.

University of Glasgow and Glasgow, UK have done a study to investigate whether duration of television viewing in Young children is associated with subsequent development of asthma.

Every year and parents were asked for their children wheezing symptoms and whether or not their children had been diagnosed with asthma.

Researchers also gathered parental report of hours of TV viewing per day by their children.

The results showed that 6% the children with no symptom of wheeze at 3.5 years of age will have asthma at 11.5 years of age. And the children who watched TV more than 2 hours per day and were almost twice as likely to develop asthma by 11.5 years of age as those watching TV for 1 to 2 hours per day.

Inactive life style effected breathing pattern since it change the development of the lung and contribute to breathing problem among children.

The study showed that the early childhood lifestyle will determine the risk of developing asthma in later childhood.

Therefore and our children must be encouraged to spend more times playing outside with their friends to stimulate lung development and improve breathing system.

There are a lot of asthma patients involved in sports and some of them even represent their country in the Olympic. Unfortunately and there are still many parents too worry to let their children active in sports. This will lead to their children spending more times watching TV or in front of personal computers. This inherited worry and indirectly will make the asthma patients believe that they must refrain from any physical activities.

It is true that physical activities can cause asthma attack, but if the disease is under control and the child can do many healthy activities without any problem.

Even though asthma can not be cured and the patients still can live normal lifestyle as other normal people. The most important thing is to manage and control the disease wisely.

This is why parents must play important role in managing and controlling asthma in their children.

Some of the most important aspects which should be concerned by parents is to avoid the patients from the factors which could trigger asthma attack by keeping home clean and free from air pollution such as smoke from cigarettes.

All family members should know asthma symptoms such as:

– Coughing at night – Breathing difficulty – Wheezing

The symptoms may differ from time to time and but usually they get worse at night or early morning.

Besides always get ready with medicines and practice good balance diet and asthma can be controlled by performing physical activities according to the patient capabilities. Whereas and study shows that inactive lifestyle can causes someone to develop asthma.

So, as parents and spare some of your valuable times to accompany your children playing at the park or even better if you could together with your children playing or exercising.


Children who spend hours in front of TV are prone to asthma

TV and asthma risk – Health news – NHS Choices


Cures of Kids Sinus Problems

We all know that kids do not have fully developed physique yet. It means that their immune system is not yet developed too. Thus, there is a greater chance for kids to develop sinusitis problems more over adults.

The habits that kids do, kids as they are, also contribute to the sinus problems such as AMS medical condition of children who are toddlers and who have not yet reached teenhood. If they play and they perspire and they neglect to wipe the perspiration off and change their clothes, then that may be one of the causes of the sinus problems.
Another factor is the climate of a certain place. People in the Middle East and in tropical regions may not develop sinus problems that often than their contemporaries in Europe, Japan, the Koreas or the Americas. The cold weather can be a harsh condition for one’s sinus and kids will especially be vulnerable.

Before you immediately go to your kid’s pediatrician, there are certain natural cures which you can easily avail in your backyard garden or at the grocery shelf to combat sinusitis and similar problems. Mind you, these are all pretty practical cures.

For example, let your kid sleep at least seven hours a day. A kid who sleeps more often can build his immune system and resistance system well over time. He or she will eventually become a healthy adult in the future. So you are not doing this just for now but also for the time that the child has grown up already. Of course, diet must be balanced and if possible, use mother’s milk on top of cow’s milk. Human milk is definitely healthier.

Do not ignore your pediatrician’s prescription for the proper vitamins of your child. Vitamins can really build up the immune system of the kid. And above all, pray for Divine Providence to look upon your kid and you constantly.

Sun poisoning rash

Sun poisoning is an umbrella term which can actually refer to any of three conditions. The most generic form of sun poisoning can happen to anyone (it’s just a name for severe sunburn), while the other two conditions, polymorphous light eruption (PLME), and solar urticaria (sun allergy) are less common. All three conditions may be characterized by a rash, so it’s important to try to figure out which condition you may have, especially if the rash recurs. With all three forms of sun poisoning, rashes may be characterized by skin redness and blistering. If you also have small bumps or dense clusters of bumps on your body, however, or hives on your arms, lower legs or chest (or other parts of your body), you may have PLME. Blisters and wheals may also be indicative of solar urticaria. Each of these three types is also accompanied by other symptoms, which may help you to identify which form of poisoning you are experiencing.

How do you treat a sun poisoning rash? The first thing you need to do is get out of the sun. Once you’ve done that, immediately apply cool compresses or take a cool shower or bath (not cold). Get yourself hydrated and drink some extra liquids for the next few days. If you are experiencing pain, you can alleviate it with ibuprofen. Treat the surface of your skin using a moisturizer such as aloe gel. Avoid sun exposure until your rash has healed. Make sure to cover up when you go outside.

If your rash is due to PLME, chances are you still may not need to seek medical treatment. PLME rashes usually resolve themselves within about a week and a half. If your condition is particularly severe, however, you may need medical attention. If you have solar urticaria, you may find that antihistamines help you to alleviate and prevent your symptoms. If your rash is particularly painful or you have excessive swelling or blistering, you should seek medical attention.

It’s possible that products you are using are making you more susceptible to developing sun poisoning rashes. Some examples of products which might be making your condition worse include acne medications, antidepressants, antibiotics, diuretics, birth control pills, heart drugs, or topical medications such as antibacterial or antifungal creams or ointments. Some fragrances may also make you more susceptible to sunlight. You may try discontinuing use of optional products; if you think a medication may be causing you to develop rashes in the sun, talk to your doctor about your concerns. Don’t quit using the medication unless your doctor says it is all right and an alternative treatment plan is decided upon, otherwise your other conditions could worsen.

Sun poisoning rashes are annoying and sometimes painful, but most of the time they can resolve on their own if you take care of yourself. In rare cases you may need to see a doctor. The prognosis is generally very positive, though, and this is rarely a serious condition.

“Squat it like it’s Hot” Workout

Whelp…Henry and I had our first visit to the ER the other night. Except it was for me, not him!

**Disclaimer – if you’re squeamish with blood talk, continue reading with caution**

So I decided to make some homemade sweet potato chips and I used a mandolin in order to make the slices as uniform as possible. What I didn’t plan for was to slice my finger, too! Eek! I was able to (kind of) patch it up at first, but it just would not stop bleeding even hours later so to the hospital we went!

Henry was such a trooper! We got to the hospital around 6:30p and didn’t leave until after 8p. He was so good throughout it, though; especially considering he’s been going to bed around 7p lately.

I did end up making the chips and they were pretty darn good – although I wouldn’t say they were worth losing a finger for! (Just kidding – I really only sliced off the tip of the finger pad, but it was enough to need three pieces of mesh to stop the bleeding.)

I meant to take a picture of them, but by the time I got home from the hospital, I was famished! Those things were gone way faster than I would like to admit…

This weekend I was planning to take pictures of exercises I commonly use in workouts so you have that as a guide; however, that will have to be put off for a bit since I now have E.T.’s finger to work around.

But, I do have a workout for you that I made up and completed before slicing my finger:

This workout puts a lot of focus on your anterior chain (quads, chest, abdominals, anterior deltoids). The 1-Arm Press Up Pyramids are one of my favorite total body exercises. They are tough, so know it’s an advanced movement that you can work up to.

Exercise Descriptions:

1-Arm Press Up Pyramid:

(#1) Starting position: Keep hand close to chest, other on glute. You will press up till torso is completely off ground, arm fully is fully extended (#2). This is level 1 (for beginners, just work on this movement).

From there, point toes, contract glutes, lock knees into extension and lift hips off ground into pyramid position (#3).

It’s important to keep both hips and shoulders square to ground. Engaging your core will help with this.

Thrusters – holding plate/barbell/DB/KB at chest level, dip down into deep squat. Explode up, pressing weight overhead. This is 1 rep. (I use a weight plate)

Dive Bomber – start in downward dog position. “Scoop torso through into Upward dog, making sure to get as low as possible in middle.

Bulgarian Split Squat + Dumbbell Raise: Alternate adding a lateral shoulder raise and front raise with DBs as you rise from the squat.

Dumbbell Fly: Keep a slight bend in elbows throughout entire movement. Make sure to work through full range of motion.

Pistol Squat: Try to keep raised leg extended throughout movement. Keep control of body throughout – don’t just “fall” to bench”. Focus on maintaining joint alignment (i.e. hip, knee, and ankle are always in same plane as each other. Don’t let your knee lean in or out.) It helps to focus on a single point ahead of you.