Which Pizza is better Chicago Style or new York Style – New York

Although there is no doubt that Chicago Pizza has its merits, New York Style pizza, which is the dominant pizza seen throughout the world, is clearly best. While many people have their opinions on which style pizza is best, I firmly believe that New York pizza is better for many reasons. Look on google images

Fast Food Tips for Diabetics

The pitfalls for the diabetic who wants to go out and enjoy a fast food meal or snack are quite daunting. Not only is the focus of most fast food establishments on sweeter, fattier, more addicting type fare, but also the selection of ‘lighter-side’ options is usually geared more towards dieters than diabetics. One of

Tips for Making the Perfect Ice Cream Sundae

Imagine this. Three scoops of rich creamy vanilla ice cream, piled high in a tall crystal glass. On the top, hot oozing fudge dripping off the sides and creating a pool of rich chocolatey goodness in the bottom. Hand whipped cream dolloped on the fudge, and finished with a juicy maraschino cherry. It sounds like

Cake Decorating 101

Decorating a cake is not as hard as it can appear. Even a beginner can finish with a beautifully decorated creation. You just need a few basic supplies and a creative imagination as well as some uninterrupted time. Start with your favorite cake. You can use any shape or size. Layers as well as single

Diabetes take out take away Fast Food

Eating out is sometimes unavoidable.  Shopping chores can keep us away from home for hours.  Travel keeps us from our own kitchens too.  Therefore, some fast food tips for diabetics are essential.  Planning, choices and tricks can help one cope with one´s diabetes while eating out. Type 2 diabetes is a bit different from type

How to Make a Fast and Easy Dinner

The secret to a fast and easy dinner is not very complicated. In fact, most Food Network shows that promise a great meal in 30 minutes or less all share the same secret. Do you want to know what it is? Read on. Most of us are busy and often the last thing we feel

Seasonal Cake Decorations

The holidays may be over, but it’s still fairly early in winter. And what better to treat yourself to while being snowed in than a Snowflake themed cake? For this recipe I’ve assumed that the cake will be made from a boxed mix. There are several varieties of cakes that taste just as good as

Former Mcdonalds Employee Takes Video of Mouse Stuck in Bag of Burger Buns

A former McDonald’s employee has come forward with footage he’d taken last fall inside of a storage room. The video, taken by a cellphone on Nov. 14, 2011, shows a mouse poking his way around inside a bag of Big Mac buns. Karruim Demaio, 29, said he was so disturbed by the events he had

Tips for Making the Perfect Cheesecake

Probably one of the most luxurious of desserts, the cheesecake satisfies even the most sophisticated of pallets. A smooth, creamy, velvety texture combined with the crunchy and crumbly texture of the crust makes for the perfect combination in your mouth. The first place that you need to start is on the crust – and that

Unhealthiest Fast Food Burgers

Who does not love a fast food burger? Most people love anything they do not have to cook themselves or the convenience of just going to the drive up window and picking up their breakfast, lunch or dinner. But what are the real consequences of eating those fast food burgers? Clogged arteries and your waistline